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Gender and Diversity Consulting International does not simply conduct shallow, generic workshops or seminars that will soon be forgotten, but provides tailored training, educational materials and evaluation, based on research of an organisations needs and values.

Using this research, Gender and Diversity Consulting International constructs a complex strategy that facilitates change at all the levels required: change to individuals attitudes, skills and behaviours amongst both leaders and workers; change to the operation and culture of the work environment and thus, to the experience of clients of the organisation and finally change to the organisation as an institution at the structural level, influencing policies and practices. Through this process, the organisation can achieve deep and lasting institutional culture-change, embedding the values that it advocates.

Evaluation of the outcomes specified by the organisation will then demonstrate the successes of the training undertaken and identify areas where further work is required. These outcomes are then fed back into the training process to refine the training to ensure that the entire package meets the needs of each individual organisation.

Gender and Diversity Consulting International can then provide Induction Training and materials and booster courses, to both introduce new employees to the institution’s desired workplace culture and to support existing employees, through password protected weblogs, to maintain the momentum for ongoing change toward greater workplace gender and cultural competence. Both induction training and the maintenance of momentum for existing employees are necessary to combat the inevitable ‘drift’ back to the previous cultural norms within institutions, so that your organisation can maintain leadership in this area and continue to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce to better service the needs of a diverse client base.

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