The Director

Dr Ann-Maree Nobelius with her husband Captain Luca Marziale

Dr Ann-Maree Nobelius,

BSc, GradDipRepSc, MRepSc, PhD (Public Health)

Dr Nobelius has spent the last decade of her professional life researching and conducting institutional change management. She has a PhD in public health focussed on the changes necessary to health service institutions to meet the needs of marginalised populations in sub-Saharan Africa. Since 2001 she has managed the institutional change process that has resulted in the integration of gender competence into the medical curriculum at Monash University in Australia. This gender mainstreaming project has been cited as world’s best practice by the World Health Organization and has made Dr Nobelius an internationally recognised leader of the newly developing field of gender medicine specifically on the topic of educational innovation.

Dr Nobelius’ greatest skills are in effective communication and change management. She can write to any style as evidenced by her publications in high quality peer-reviewed journal and her world renowned tutor training guides. Her verbal communication and negotiation skills are underpinned by her capacity to listen effectively to people’s concerns and communicate the need for change with language and meanings that are significant to them. These skills have been demonstrated through the successful mainstreaming of gender competence into the medical curriculum at Monash University, despite substantial initial resistance to the concepts and the need for change from very senior members of the hierarchy. Her ‘no man left behind’ policy on change management means that everybody participates in the journey to the change necessary for the institution.

Curriculum Vitae available upon request.